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Digital Marketing ConsultantHi, My name is Sangam Tiwari and I am a SEO consultant, a freelance SEO expert based in Delhi. I am also a Director for SEO practice at Delhi based digital marketing agency, Digital Fruits.

I have worked full time for big digital agencies based Delhi, NCR and UK in my 10 years of Digital marketing consultant career and have worked with companies like GIPKEI Cable, Coriander Restaurant, Fortis Hospital and many more fortune 1000 companies across the globe.

Leaving my permanent job was by choice as I wanted to do something of my own and help small and medium businesses in Delhi NCR (And of course across all across India). It’s been 5 years now since I work as a full time SEO freelancer.

SEO is not a science but for sure an engineering which evolves and improves over time. It is important that you revisit your SEO strategy with your Agency or Consultant every year to be inline with the Google guidelines. Now when we are in 2020, its a good time to have a catchup with your SEO expert.

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My SEO Results

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  • Breast Augmentation Manchester – 1st Page
  • Tummy Tuck Manchester – 1st Page
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  • Botox Manchester – 1st Page
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  • Cosmetic Clinics Manchester – 1st Page

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