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    Technical SEO Services

    A technical SEO agency typically provides a variety of services aimed at identifying and rectifying common website errors that can adversely affect its search engine ranking. Following an SEO audit, the agency’s experts are equipped to improve the website’s indexation.

    Technical Site Audits

    A deep-dive into your website’s technical profile

    By delving into the technical intricacies of your website, our technical SEO team can provide valuable insights into its performance and identify areas that can be improved. Our comprehensive audits cover a range of critical checkpoints, including:

    Penalty Recovery

    Have you been hit with a penalty?

    Our seasoned SEO team has a proven track record of diagnosing and restoring the reputations of numerous websites over the years, whether they have previously worked with another agency that failed to adhere to best practices or experienced an unexplained drop in search engine rankings.

    website ranking in top

    Website Migration

    Meticulously managed website migrations

    As growing businesses progress, they may switch to new website platforms, domain names, or transition to HTTPS for secure browsing. However, such migrations can be complex and pose various potential complications that may impact your site’s performance, resulting in a drop in traffic.

    Proper execution of a site migration is critical to retain performance.

    By leveraging the expertise of our experienced technical SEO specialists, we have successfully managed the migration of thousands of websites. Working with our team for your migration can yield numerous benefits, including:

    Speed Optimization

    No one wants to … wait for a … slow … loading … website.

    If your website is slow to load, it can negatively impact your search performance. Google has a reputation for favoring websites that load quickly, particularly on mobile devices with AMP technology. Our team can conduct a speed test on your website and recommend steps to enhance its performance. We will provide a comprehensive report of our findings and suggest actionable steps to achieve maximum speed and optimize your website for search engines.


    Structured Data Markup

    Enhance search engines’ understanding of your site

    Structured data vocabularies ( can be leveraged to define the content on your website and help search engines understand important information. Our technical SEO services include the implementation of structured data markup code (JSON-LD) on your site, which can trigger enhanced search results. Enhanced search results can improve your business’s visibility and increase click-through rates.

    Competitor Analysis

    Understand your competitive landscape

    As part of our SEO services, our team conducts thorough research on your competition by utilizing various SEO tools from our analysis tool belt. We analyze the web presence of your broad and niche competitors at both the national and local levels, while investigating numerous checkpoints such as:


    Image Optimization

    The art and science of an optimized image

    Visuals on a website can enhance the user experience by making content easier to consume. No one likes to stare at a daunting wall of text, and users prefer sites with visual aids. However, unoptimized images can detract from the user experience, and Google prioritizes sites that provide a positive user experience. Our SEO experts can optimize your images to improve user experience and ensure that Google recognizes the value of your website.

    Backlink Analysis

    Backlinks play a vital role in determining SEO performance

    Our backlink analysis service offers a comprehensive review of your website’s backlink profile, revealing the sources of the links and the pages they lead to. By conducting a thorough backlink analysis, we can identify potential link-building opportunities that form the foundation of an effective off-page search optimization strategy.


    The benefits of Technical SEO optimization

    While the primary advantage of having an SEO-optimized website is its ability to generate high-quality organic traffic, a website that performs well in search engines and follows SEO best practices provides numerous benefits to both businesses and users alike.

    Better SEO Results

    A well-optimized website leads to improved SEO results, which ultimately result in increased ROI, higher conversion rates, and improved user satisfaction. The benefits of technical SEO are concrete and provide tangible advantages for businesses to tap into.

    Increased User Experience

    The quality of user experience on your website is critical not just for users, but also for Google’s algorithms and crawlers. Poor performance, slow page speed, and lack of user-friendliness can cause frustration and lead to abandoned sessions.

    Boost Conversion Rate

    A website that is well-designed with a technical SEO perspective can significantly increase the overall conversion rate of each page. Such a website also ranks higher in keyword research and maximizes traffic effectively, which can be easily achieved by working with an SEO consultant.

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